About Me

There is one phrase I really like and it describes me and my way of thinking very well.

If you want to really learn something, try teaching it to someone else.
  • Who I am

    My name is Mihail Gaberov and I am a Lead Software Engineer / Senior Front-End Developer.

  • What I do

    Professionally I am focused mainly on developing web sites and applications. Currently working mostly with React, Redux and/or pure Javascript or TypeScript. Essential knowledge of HTML5/CSS3(SASS/LESS)/JS(ES6/ES7). Previous experience with AngularJS (both JS and Typescript versions) and Aurelia (previously called Durandal) front-end frameworks. Besides that, I like digging into everything new - technologies, frameworks, tools, etc.

  • More about me

    Here you can check out my CV, where my professional experience is described.

    Here you can check out my LinkedIn account, where you also can take a look at my professional life.

    Here you can check out my GitHub account, where most of my pet projects live.

    Here you can check out my Twitter account, where I publish my (or others) thoughts, I find interesting.

    Here you can check out my Medium account, where my articles are published.

  • If you wish to contact me, just send me an email to mihail.gaberov[at]gmail.com